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The Abundant Abductions
of Sploonth

An epic humorous fantasy

Why in the realm would 

Mookus Beandropper’s witchy 

wifemate give birth to a baby cyclops?


And what does his best quest mate and the only cyclops in town, Gudder Fellswoop, have to say about the awkward situation?


Also, how does the ensuing quest for closure lead to a quest to save the realm of Generica from the Confederation Of Various Fellowships Embodied For Evil?

SPLOONTH_front cover_FINAL.jpg

Well, since you asked, I shall direct you to this epic tome, wherein all your meddling questions shall be answered. Suffice it to say, Mookus and his mates must muster much pluck to face sneaky witches, mediocre wizards, witch-wannabe warlocks, crafty undead, goofy-looking dragon-like beasts, problematic prognostications, questionable comestibles, and sticky relationship issues. Tested, molested, and frequently bested, they must persevere for the good of the realm, or else the ancient Days of Almost Constant Irksomeness will surely return.

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